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RugoAbraham Rugo Muriu has over 9 years experience in public policy related work. He is currently an independent consultant on Devolution, Public Policy and Leadership. He has immense experience in research, analysis, advocacy and consulting with a special focus on decentralized financing and participation, urbanization and youth development in Kenya. He previously worked at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA-Kenya) in 2007-2013 and FOCUS-Kenya. He is pursuing a PhD in Public Management at the University of Potsdam and holds a Master of Public Management from the same university and a Bachelor of Education (Science) from Kenyatta University. His pet passion is devolution of government and its impact on service delivery for improved livelihoods. This he does by contributing to planning, public finance management and public participation at National and County Level. He remains interested in youth development, effective development planning and citizen participation in devolved governance. He believes that every person in Kenya has what it takes to reach their highest potential and that what is needed is an enabling environment. His work details can found at www.abrahamrugo.com