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Ronnie_OsumbaRonald Osumba is the Managing Partner Emerald Africa Consulting. Ronald has over 10 years of experience in the private sector. He has led successful teams in the areas of business development and thought-leadership, brand management, relationship management and financial management.

He has previously worked at Co-operative Bank, Impax Business Solutions, and Health Data Systems in senior management roles. Ronald has also had an exemplary career as Senior Manager for Government Relations at Safaricom Limited, a job that allowed him to shape policy decisions both at the national and county government levels.

Ronald Osumba equally has a weight of knowledge and experience in leadership. He has worked with various youth organizations in various capacities most notably Kenya Model United Nations, Youth Agenda, National Youth Convention, Gem Youth Network, and Kenya Youth Sector Alliance.

He is the Chairman of Board in the Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (YES) Kenya and a key member of the Managing Committee Starehe Boys’ Centre & School where he also chairs the alumni association, the Old Starehian Society. Here he leads and is respected by a host of industry captains, senior government officials, political and community leaders. These are roles that have given him an opportunity to experience and understand the daunting challenges that follow leadership.


Ronald has extensive understanding of the government having worked and advised in various capacities. He has played a leading role in the development and execution of key government projects. These include; Design and Implementation of ICT Integration in Education (Ministry of Education), Design, Development and Implementation of Digitization of Social Protection Fund (Ministry of Labour and Social Services) and Development of eHealth Policy (Ministry of Health)


A key player in the public service, Ronald has followed his roadmap to become a person deeply engaged in youth development with a sole aim of imputing values into young people that model them into leaders in touch with the 21st century problems. He recently in Kenya’s General Elections 2013 vied for the office of Deputy President alongside Hon. Peter Kenneth and helped re-engineer political campaigning in this country.


His core values are well embedded in a philosophy of focus, perseverance and excellence. His political philosophy is anchored in a belief that strong and accountable leadership does not necessarily emanate from years of sitting in political office but in being able to inspire a majority of the citizens to organize for the purpose of improving their lives. With this diverse experience, Ronald is very well equipped to help drive Kenya’s development agenda to the next level.