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The new constitutional order in Kenya has heralded a new era in the governance of the country. The introduction of County Governments has brought about new investment and business opportunities at the local level. Devolution of some national functions like healthcare, transport and education will require resources to be moved from National to County Governments.

The different arms of government and constitutional organs have also been reengineered with more autonomy and expanded mandates. This reengineering has completely changed the way they interrelate and the way they engage the public.

With this new order, has also come a new administration, and a host of county based decision makers.

 All these changes present new challenges to business. Stakeholder mapping and influencing policy/legislative decisions have become more complex. Navigating the procurement maze now needs new strategies. The bottom-line is now at risk more than ever before due to a changing political environment.

It is for this reason that there is need for businesses to adopt new strategies to deal with this ever changing political landscape to keep up. There is need to partner with an organization that has built an infrastructure across the country to engage all the relevant players and decision makers in the organization of government.

The new constitutional order in Kenya has heralded a new era in the governance of the country.

About Us

Emerald Consulting is a Public Policy and government relations firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer knowledge, networks and influence in public affairs and domestic and international business strategy with an ambition for excellence in client service.

Our Reach

The depth of our collective experience and the quality of our work is unparalleled in Nairobi. Our policy expertise covers most sectors, legislative committees at both national and county level and national government.
Whatever your challenge, we can design and execute the winning bipartisan strategy that resolves it.

Government Relations experts representing:
• County Governments
• County Assemblies
• Both houses of National Assembly
• Both major political parties/coalitions
• Top trade associations, think tanks and interest groups

Emeralds experts have successfully navigated such diverse challenges as:
• Securing support for a major national security project
• Ensuring a balanced approach was achieved in various finance bills at national and county level
• Assisting with the complicated procurement process for both Kenyan and foreign contractors
• Helping set up a presidential campaign in Kenya and embarking on a presidential campaign in Tanzania

Our policy expertise covers most legislative committees at both national and county levels of government.

This audit tells a story of a determined people. The victims have shown resilience in the face of
adversity and many have set off on a journey to rebuild their lives. They hurt from the indignity
of being refugees in their own country, but are hopeful of a better and brighter tomorrow. They
now have hope that they can go back to their farms and till the land, that their children can go
to school and once again have a shot at success.

It’s a story of a government that has struggled to deal with the biggest humanitarian crisis
to ever visit our country. State agencies have had to learn how to use limited resources for
greatest impact, while balancing the desire to do everything for all victims, with doing few
things that have the most impact to most of the victims.
This is a story that needs to be told. To bring closure to the victims, to restore their dignity
and to put them on the path of socioeconomic recovery, this story needs to be told. For our
country’s pride and in true show of our c are to the victims, this story needs to be told.
And to guarantee non-repetition, this story needs to be told. 7 YEARS ON! ONWARD!

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Our Team

When you are facing a legislative or regulatory issue, or pursuing a business deal that will impact your bottom line, you can’t afford to field an untested team. You need veteran talent that can help develop and execute a winning strategy.

At Emerald, we pride ourselves in attracting and retaining some of the most knowledgeable, well-networked, seasoned and creative-thinking professionals in the country. Our team includes policy experts with public service experience as well as seasoned private sector experts. Some of our professionals have been intimately involved in significant legislative issues before The National Assembly in the past.

Our team also includes senior strategists from both major coalitions who are veterans of many high profile political campaigns.

The Emerald team has strong working relationships with the decision makers and opinion leaders in Nairobi and other major counties—from the National Assembly to the State House, from Interior to the Department of Defense, from national associations to the media.

Emerald experts will examine the landscape and determine the best approach.



Our Offering

Regardless of the issue, Emerald experts will examine the landscape and determine the best approach. Possibly one that has worked before—or we will cut a new path if that’s what the situation demands.

Emerald’s areas of expertise include:
1. Security, Defense and Intelligence
2. Education
3. Energy
4. Environmental
5. National Budget Process and Tax Policy
6. Health Care and Health IT
7. Immigration
8. International Trade
9. Legislation and Regulation
10. Public Private Partnerships
11. Telecommunications
12. Technology
13. Transport

Our Services

1. Direct Lobbying
2. Transaction Advisory Services
3. Technical Assistance in Legislation and Policy
4. Research and Information Management

At Emerald, we aim to de-mystify government bureaucracy.

Our Approach

At Emerald, we aim to de-mystify government bureaucracy.

We use a team approach and apply the principles of successful networking to design a comprehensive strategic plan for every client problem. A viable strategy is the foundation of a successful public affairs campaign. Designing and executing winning strategies is what we do.

Our formula for successful strategies requires research and intelligence gathering, defining achievable goals, understanding the intricacies of the policy making process, having a persuasive argument and working effectively with the decision makers involved.

Success or failure also depends upon forecasting possible obstacles and anticipating the moves of potential opponents.

Once the strategy is set, we custom build the team that can execute the plan to achieve your results. Every asset of the firm will be leveraged to accomplish your goal. You will receive personal, hands-on, unparalleled client attention.

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